Global Economic Crime Survey


Global Economic Crime Survey 2016

Economic crime remains a serious challenge in South Africa. In this survey we found that the trend has not changed from 2014, with 69% respondents indicating they had experienced some form of economic crime in the 24 months preceding the survey.

The threats from economic crime continue to evolve. Like a virus, economic crime adapts to the trends that affect all organisations. An especially impactful megatrend includes the increasing reliance on technology and technology-enabled processes in all aspects of business.

The report looks at:

  • General economic crime statistics
  • Cybercrime
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Money laundering
  • The people challenge

70% of respondents believe local law enforcement are  not adequately resourced & trained to deal with economic crime?

How will your cyber-response plan stand up to reality?

How would your organisation fare in the face of regulatory security?

Is your business strategy aligned with and led by your organisational values?