Iacc - How does Iacc work?

How does it work?
In short, Iacc focuses on the recording of your transactions to produce management and financial reports.

This is done as follows:

  • Iacc is an internet portal where you and a dedicated PwC consultant can log onto.
  • Once logged in, you can get a snapshot of what information or actions are outstanding, reports that are accurate up to the last login date, and view your formal management statements or general accounting reports.
  • The portal indicates and manages a “To Do”-list of information to be provided by you and a “To Do”-list of actions to be performed by the PwC consultant.
  • PwC obtain bulk bank and creditor transactions electronically and import it on a regular basis into Iacc. Iacc (monitored by PwC) stores trends of these transactions and future transactions will be automatically allocated and recorded into the system.
  • After “To Do”-lists have been cleared, PwC staff will review the reports/records and place the reports on the IAcc-portal. These reports can be accessed by users with the required access being it management or a 3rd party such as your financier.

From the login, you also have direct access by e-mail to your PwC consultant.