India - Cross-border solutions for South African and Indian businesses

South Africa - India business opportunities represent enormous potential for both South African companies doing business in or with India, as well as, Indian companies looking at investing or expanding into the South African marketplace. But divergent cultures, business landscapes and unique legal and political environments can make these ventures particularly challenging.
India's rising influence in the global market cannot be ignored, and this was confirmed by an internal PwC study that showed that the Indian economy will be a major global player in the foreseeable future. Using Indian trade data, analysis reveals that there has been a significant increase in both India's imports from Africa, and Indian exports to Africa, since 2003. During 2006, Indian imports from Africa totalled US$12.6 billion, while exports to Africa were US$9.5 billion.
India has a diverse and rapidly expanding economic relationship with South Africa, and as India rapidly progresses from a developing nation to an economic powerhouse, the market provides abundant and unexplored opportunities for SA companies wishing to do business in there and vice versa.

How we can help
Indian companies that seek to enhance their presence in SA and the rest of Africa require a comprehensive suite of services, and similarly, SA-based companies evaluating the Indian option would require a similar gamut of services. PwC in SA, through the utilisation of the PwC global network and the firm’s unique thought leadership methodology, has recognised this niche in the market and established an Africa/Indian desk to assist Indian and SA investors to set up operations in both these countries.
PricewaterhouseCoopers’ India Desk is your gateway to a comprehensive range of tax advisory and assurance solutions available in South Africa, India and beyond. Our globally connected team of trusted business advisors works closely and seamlessly with our colleagues in India to help you address important issues facing your business.
Our India Desk team not only helps Indian companies invest, set up, raise capital, or operate in South Africa, we also advise South African companies interested in investing or expanding into India and/or looking to understand the impact of India on their business.

Our India Desk team provides assistance with meeting your unique needs, including with respect to:

  • Doing business in South Africa/India, including strategic options and market entry analysis
  • M&A deal and corporate finance services, including due diligence, valuation, tax structuring and post-deal integration
  • Tax compliance & optimization
  • Transfer pricing
  • Financial reporting advisory & compliance, including audit & assurance services
  • Risk and regulatory matters
  • Business reviews and performance improvement

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