Retail and Consumer Publications

Times of change - What audit committees need to know about accounting changes

This publication addresses these challenges, which will impact our clients' business far beyond the Finance function, as well as identifying 5 key questions that audit committees should be asking management about its implementation programme.

Total Retail 2016

South African highlights - PwC’s Total Retail 2016 report reveals a global consumer digital revolution as consumers push the boundaries of online shopping

Retail & Consumer Outlook : Sub-Saharan Africa

This report offers insight into the make-up of retail and consumer goods industries in sub-Saharan Africa and provide an outlook for the coming five years.

IFRS 16: The leases standard is changing - Are you ready?

IFRS 16: The IASB has published IFRS 16 – the new leases standard. It comes into effect on 1 January 2019. Virtually every company uses rentals or leasing as a means to obtain access to assets and will therefore be affected by the new standard.

South African Retail and Consumer Products Outlook: 2012-2016

The South African retail and consumer products outlook sets out key trends, challenges and opportunities as well as outlining future prospects.

Insights into the South African Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Series #3

Insights into the South African Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Series #3

Retail and Consumer worlds

Last year was an exciting and challenging one for retailers and consumer product companies - and 2008 promises to be just as stimulating.

Retailing 2015: New Frontiers

PricewaterhouseCoopers and TNS Retail Forward are pleased to collaborate in bringing you this overview of the retail industry through 2015.