HR Quarterly

Over the past decade, employee engagement has become ingrained as an approach to help organisations create a positive work experience for their people. In turn this can influence business outcomes such as turnover, customer satisfaction and financial growth. Yet, despite the efforts many organisations are making to improve employee engagement our study indicates that many still fall short of their goals. High performing organisations and those that conduct regular engagement surveys (and take action on them) reveal significantly higher performance on a number of measures than their competitors. These findings suggest that when done right, employees feel excitement about their companies’ future, their part in creating that success, and a genuine connection to their leaders, managers and the work itself. But not all engagement or disengagement is the same, or should be managed in the same way.

Employees who are more engaged produce higher quality work and are less likely to be absent or quit the organisation. This seems like a cliché but research confirms that highly engaged employees make a significant difference to the bottom line

In this issue of the PwC HR Quarterly we provide some insights into the World of Work. Some of the topics covered are: :

  • The virtual working environment – is it viable and sustainable?
  • A workplace culture defined by females
  • Economic outlook for 2016 and the impact on salary increases
  • Anticipated minimum wage
  • Implications of retirement reform