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If the current economic climate shows us one thing, it's that companies around the world are committed to getting the most out of their workforces. If productivity does not rise and costs continue the upward spiral many businesses will inevitably be faced with the sustainability question. This creates an environment where down-sizing and salary freezes becomes the norm.

Of course this means that many workers will become stretched and demoralised and there could be even more at stake.Research shows that higher employee engagement links to improved retention, customer loyalty, revenue, sales and profit. On the flip side highly skilled and key talent in your organisation may start thinking about greener pastures - consider this, one in four high potential employees intends to leave their current employer in the next 12 months. In this issue of the PwC HR Quarterly we provide some insights into the World of Work. Some of the topics covered are:

The HR Quarterly is a journal published by PwC South Africa, providing informed commentary on local and international developments in the Reward arena.

Some of the topics covered in this edition:

  • Human Capital trends in a recovering economy
  • Guaranteed bonuses alive and well in South Africa
  • The change trifecta
  • Back to basics – improving productivity in the mining industry sector
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