Human Resource Quarterly


PwC's HR Quarterly June 2016

A quarterly journal published by PwC South Africa, providing informed commentary on local and international developments in the Reward arena.

Talent is top of mind to senior executives, and that is more evident than ever today.  For the first time in eight years results from PwC’s Annual CEO survey shows that 34% of CEOs are "extremely" concerned about the availability of key skills.  They are right to be concerned – talent drives the top line.  It also drives the achievements of the business strategy.  It creates innovation, controls cost and drives change.

Executives are also increasingly pressuring HR to produce evidence-based insight on critical talent to develop solutions.  The burning question remains whether we have the right talent mix to achieve our business objectives.  How engaged are our top performers in alignment to new business strategies being formulated in a down-turned economy?  Can we do more to predict who are going to be the right leaders of the future and what experience should we give them?  Can we identify potential flight risks in our most important roles?

Some of the topics covered in this issue are:

  • Trends in people analytics
  • A light-hearted overview of salary benchmarking
  • Ideas are an increasingly valuable currency

HR Quarterly 2016