HR Quarterly

Businesses and their leaders face some pressing questions about their future talent pipelines and human capital strategy. Global megatrends are changing the talent landscape at the same time that the global economy regains its confidence and looks towards growth.

CEOs are well aware of the extraordinary challenges ahead but seem less certain about how to tackle them. 93% say that they recognise the need to change their strategy for attracting and retaining talent, or are already doing so. But there’s still an enormous gulf between intention and action; a staggering 61% of CEOs haven’t yet taken the first step and only 34% of CEOs feel that HR is ready for the challenges ahead.

The 2nd edition of the HR Quarterly for 2014 provides you with valuable information regarding product development, local and global reward trends and thought leadership publications. With the current industrial labour action in the mining industry sector and the possibility of further action in other industry sectors, organisations are under serious pressure to contain costs, transform their businesses and still attract the best talent.

Some of the topics covered in this edition:

  • The talent nightmare returns
  • South African salary increases - inflation vs reality
  • The real cost of losing key staff - can you quantify it?
  • How do the Regulations to the Immigration Act affect you as an employer?
  • UK companies planning third year of bonus reductions at upcoming AGM'S despite signs of economic recovery
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