Risk Advisory Services

Managing governance, risk and compliance are similar challenges to any organisation. We offer integrated services and ensure synergy in our solutions.

Our clients value the PwC brand. We employ exceptional talent, use our international and national reach to provide innovative solutions and we are committed to quality.

What are the benefits?

Tailored and relevant services such as:

  • Practical response to the changes in the corporate governance landscape.
  • Development of meaningful sustainability (triple bottom line) reports
  • Assessments of who audits what and to whom they report – e.g. internal audit, quality assurance, technical consulting, culture and climate surveys etc
  • Internal audits that cover the real business risks
  • Data analysis to identify control exceptions or possible fraud
  • Sustaining Basel II beyond implementation
  • Valuations on financial derivates
  • Managing Treasury risk
  • Being proactive in managing fraud exposure
  • Using our SOX experience to optimise and enhance the design and operation of accounting controls
  • Understanding the regulatory compliance exposures and requirements – e.g. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Access to Information Act, Administration of Justice Act, etc
  • Implementing and embedding effective risk management
  • Evaluating IT governance and footprint