Job Shadowing

A student might be thinking about a career as a Chartered Account. She has excellent marks in all her subjects at school, especially in Maths, Accounting and English. Someone has suggested that she should become a Chartered Accountant. However, she is not very sure what this is about – something like bookkeeping and it’s very well paid. She used the Internet and found some interesting background information on the Web. But will she find the work of a Chartered Accountant interesting? How can she find out whether she might really enjoy it?

Job shadowing is a programme that will help your bright young person to decide if this is the right career for her. Job shadowing will give her the opportunity to practically explore what she might do as a Chartered Accountant.

Your bright scholar, with time off from school, could spend a day at a PwC office. She would follow one of our trainee accountants. As his shadow follows him, she would shadow the work that he does throughout that day. The scholar will experience, first-hand, “a day in the life of a trainee accountant”. In most instances, job shadowing will also involve visiting one of our clients. Your scholar will see an audit already in progress. She will even be given a couple of tasks to do. She will have some practical insight into how an audit is carried out. (Why is it called an audit? How can you quickly find out what an audit is?)

In addition, in the time that she spends with our trainee accountant, your scholar can ask important questions. What are the academic requirements to qualify as a Chartered Accountant? What career opportunities are available? What does PwC have to offer a really bright scholar who is looking for a rewarding career path?

How do I arrange job-shadowing?

Contact the Human Capital Manager at your nearest PwC office. We need at least two week’s notice to make the arrangements.


The applicant should be in Grade 11 or Grade 12. Then, also,

  • Be serious about pursuing a career in Chartered Accounting

Get excellent marks in Mathematics, English and Accounting.