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PwC is committed to transformation and recognises that it's not about numbers but about meaningful development of our people.

PwC is committed to transformation and recognises that transformation is not about numbers but about meaningful development of our people.

The firm recognises that Transformation is an economic imperative and it is not only essential to the growth of the firm but also of the South African economy. 

We endeavour to transform the South African economy to enable the meaningful participation of Black people, Women, and Rural  communities in the mainstream of the economy in a manner that has a positive impact on employment, income redistribution, structural readjustment and economic growth.

Our initiatives

Molemo Business Consulting (Pty) Limited

Molemo Business Consulting (Pty) Limited (MBC) was established in 2018 by an alumnus of the firm, Nomsa Mokhele, who has a passion for developing people and, more so, supporting SMMEs. With a particular focus on the regeneration of the various townships where the bulk of the disadvantaged communities reside, she has identified sustainable economic activity close to communities as being a critical solution to various social ills that plague our society today.

Nomsa’s focus is on working with established township businesses that seek to accelerate their businesses, capture a share of the market beyond their borders, and provide employment for economically active people close to their homes. This ensures that family units are preserved and that there is a real advancement of the overall socio-economic status of people in the townships. There is an added focus on township youth.   

PwC has supported MBC by providing mentorship, business design guidance and an initial pipeline of revenue to test and fine-tune the service offerings. MBC has grown in leaps and bounds, securing a growing client base.

myCFO Pty Limited

myCFO was one of the first enterprise development (ED) beneficiaries that PwC supported. Established by Mamoroke Lehobye, the vision of providing appropriate financial management skills to start-ups and SMEs as a key solution to sustainability was supported by a shared growth strategy. At the commencement of the relationship PwC provided mentoring, coaching and business design support to myCFO, whilst simultaneously assisting with access to markets. Support is also provided to incubators and other entities running SME development programmes. myCFO’s successes and track record have enabled the business to engage major contracts to support the ED projects of some of the major corporates in the country.

Business Skills for South Africa Foundation Trust

As far back as 1994, PwC collaborated with the National Industrial Chamber (NIC) to establish the Business Skills for South Africa (BSSA) Foundation. With the help/support of PwC, BSSA has in its years of existence touched more than 50,000 people by way of skills development and training. BSSA provides support to SMMEs and start-up entities and has a major impact via corporate skills and enterprise development programmes as well as support to business incubators.

PwC has provided financial, administrative and operational support since inception and continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of the Foundation. BSSA has consistently been engaged to roll out one of PwC’s flagship empowerment programmes, Faranani, which is focused on upskilling and support to women operating in rural communities.

A unique feature of the training programmes offered by BSSA is that the facilitators deliver the sessions in a language medium that is understood by the attendees in a region. The challenges of technical jargon in a foreign language are thus overcome, to enable more impactful engagements.


Skilled for the Future

The Skilled for the Future initiative aims to enhance the functioning and educational performance of schools in rural and disadvantaged communities. Working in partnership with the Department of Education, the initiative enhances access to quality education through the creation of effective learning environments. This is to empower students to be independent and critical thinkers, leaders and positive contributors to society, while receiving support from districts and school organisations, as well as taking part in community initiatives. A set of high performing learners were matched with PwC mentors. The role of the mentors was to inspire the learners by creating a vision for their futures and motivating them to pursue further education. These are some of the success stories:

  • Thandi – The pastry chef: Thandi dreams of one day getting a higher education and becoming a pastry chef. Since her mom died a few years ago, Thandi has been staying with her grandmother and sister, and before the programme, she was ready to drop out of school. The programme showed Thandi that there are many opportunities and creative avenues out there for her. Through her strong connection with her mentor, she also learnt that although she has some attributes she dislikes, they don’t define her.
  • Khulile – The data analyst: Khulile’s shy and reserved personality has sometimes hindered him in achieving his full potential. Through the programme he developed a warm and comfortable connection with his mentor, and this special bond helped him to appreciate his talents and to define his future. Thus far he’s identified his goals as becoming a data analyst one day and travelling to as many places as possible.

Faranani Rural Women training initiative

Annually, PwC contributes to building the skills of women from rural areas throughout the country. This is done through the Business Skills South Africa (BSSA) Foundation with the aim of providing business and entrepreneurial skills to help create jobs, promote sustainability and increase revenue streams. In 2006, PwC extended this further to rural women in business, through an initiative called the Faranani Rural Women Training Initiative. The aim of this project is to unlock the business potential of rural women and empower them to generate their own income and become meaningful contributors to the South African economy. Faranani graduates have started their own 100% black-owned small businesses, ranging from manufacturing, B&B management, construction, catering, hairdressing, flower arranging, home décor, dressmaking, agriculture, transport, event management and many more.

PwC is committed to transformation and recognises that transformation is not about numbers but about meaningful development of our people.

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