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PwC is committed to transformation and recognises that it's not about numbers but about meaningful development of our people.

PwC is committed to transformation and recognises that transformation is not about numbers but about meaningful development of our people.

The firm recognises that Transformation is an economic imperative and it is not only essential to the growth of the firm but also of the South African economy. 

We endeavour to transform the South African economy to enable the meaningful participation of Black people, Women, and Rural  communities in the mainstream of the economy in a manner that has a positive impact on employment, income redistribution, structural readjustment and economic growth.

Enterprise and supplier development

Enterprise development

The objective of the CA Charter is to advance economic transformation and promote the economic participation of black people. Enterprise & Supplier Development is not merely a combination of Enterprise Development and Preferential Procurement, but sets our to increase the promotion of black-owned and black women-owned businesses with 51% and 30% black ownership respectively.

Some of our initiatives are:

PwC continues to engage with emerging black accounting firms on audit jobs in order for skills transfer to take place and economic empowerment to prevail, whenever possible. The firm is also involved with a number of organisations that aim to advance black development in South Africa. These include firms such as the BSSA and Faranani – a PwC initiative which focuses on rural women development.   

MyCFO programme:

Mamoroke Lehobye is a Black South African Female, qualified Chartered Accountant CA(SA) whom owns a private company called MyCFO (Pty) Ltd based in Soweto, Johannesburg. Our involvement to date is to assist her practice from an enterprise development perspective to provide resources on a secondment basis. Assist her and some of her clients with advisory consulting services. Make available our internal resources, Design Studio, Printing etc. as and when needed. Invite and involve her in our internal training etc.

MyCFO has assisted with the UJ Soweto Conference (Dr Richard Maponya Annual Entrepreneurial Conference) in making herself available as a skilled volunteer and have assisted one of our new PCS clients called Gradesmatch with access to funding through the existing relationships.


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Anastacia Tshesane

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Anshen Kishun

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