PwC South Africa's integrated report

The goal of an integrated report is to provide a comprehensive view of an organisation by putting its performance, business model and strategy in the context of its material social and environmental issues.

We are pleased to present our PwC South Africa integrated report to provide a better understanding of our business activities and how we create value for our clients.

This integrated report covers the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 and includes an overview of who we are; our strategy, value creation, risks and governance; and the performance of our firm in South Africa, where we are the only professional services firm with offices in eight of the nine provinces of the country. We envision that later issues of this report will include information on our firms in southern Africa, East Africa and West Africa.

Our report is structured around seven material issues (shown below), which were determined in the prior reporting period through robust leadership discussions at various workshops. We view these material issues as critical in ensuring that we achieve our purpose of building trust in society and solving important problems for our key stakeholders.

  • Quality and compliance
  • People and talent management
  • Transformation, diversity and inclusion
  • Understanding our financial performance
  • Confidentiality of client information and data security
  • Innovation and strategic digital transformation
  • Societal impact of our services

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It is important to understand that integrated reporting is a journey, not an isolated event ‑ although this report does not yet meet all the requirements of an integrated report, it is our intention to improve our reporting in future reports.

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