Adapting business operations and talent employed to the world of digital first | Virtual event

Private Company webinar series 2021

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Date: Friday, 28 May 2021
Time: 9am - 10am

During this webinar our experts dive into the five areas companies should consider when it comes to building digital IQ and adapting to the world of digital first:

  1. Customer solution ecosystem - transforming how you serve and interact with your customers
  2. Core operations ecosystem - adapting the back office to run the business better
  3. Technology ecosystem - understanding which transformative technologies will have a meaningful impact on your business and ensuring investment in the right ones
  4. People ecosystem - integrating people and technology to digitally upskill, create the right job opportunities and enhance your people’s work experience
  5. New business ideas - cultivating a mindset of experimentation and making this a competitive advantage in the more nimble private business sector


Pieter Theron

Pieter Theron - PwC South Africa Digital Transformation Leader

Pieter is responsible for digital transformation within PwC South Africa’s Operations Transformation division and is the South African sponsor of Industry 4.0. While he has worked with businesses from a wide range of industries, particularly across the retail and consumer space, his area of specialism is industrial manufacturing, and he double-hats as PwC South Africa’s Industrial Manufacturing Industry Leader. Pieter is highly experienced in digital advisory and system construction, deployment and project management, and enjoys activating thinking around digital transformation opportunities.


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Maura Jarvis

Maura Jarvis - PwC South Africa People and Organisation Leader

Maura has experience as a senior human resource leader in various sectors and has established and run an integrated human resource consulting organisation for a number of years. She is registered as a Chartered Reward Specialist and a Chartered Human Resource Professional Generalist, and has led numerous human resource and talent strategy, change management, job architecture, and leadership development projects. Maura leads the Workforce of the Future and New world. New skills. programme for PwC in South Africa and is a member of PwC’s global People and Organisation leadership team.

Levern Ramshubby

Levern Ramshubby - Agile Organisation Design and Human Resource Transformation Manager

Levern is a manager within PwC’s Advisory Consulting practice. She has an honours degree in Organisational Psychology and specialises in agile organisation design, workforce strategy and transformation, and digital upskilling and learning, working across the public and private sectors. Levern forms part of PwC’s Agile Organisational Development team, and is a core member within the EMEA Workforce Capability team, where she focuses specifically on strategic workforce planning.


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