Liquified Natural gas


The global energy market is in an exciting phase of transition and disruption. Decarbonisation, driven by the environmental sustainability agenda, is shifting the energy mix at an accelerating pace. This seems likely to position gas ahead of coal by 2030 to become the world’s number two fuel.

LNG exports are introducing increased flexibility into global energy marketing and trading. The number and type of market participants have increased dramatically as lower prices make imports more affordable.

One of the most dramatic finds over the past decade is Mozambique’s natural gas, estimated at over 180 tcf, which has already unlocked the first three large-scale LNG projects. These projects, together with project expansion phases and additional exploration, have the potential to position Mozambique as the third-largest global LNG producer after Qatar and Australia by 2030.

Oil and gas plant

Nothing breeds success like success, and the successful development of the new Mozambique projects could be a catalyst for the continent to finally capitalise on its potential.

The stage is set for a dynamic future for Africa’s hydrocarbon-rich and import-dependent countries, and for investors, NOCs and IOCs. Understandably, many players are reviewing their strategies, portfolios and ambitions in line with this changing context. Finding balance between risk, return, affordability and developmental impact in the near term and outer horizons will be defining for many.

Regardless of the region your company operates in, PwC will make use of our extensive global network (Spanning over 256 countries) to offer you informed, practical, innovative and experienced based solutions that effectively reflect the environment your company operates. We have a team that’s 100% dedicated to servicing the Liquid Natural gas sector. The commitment allows us to deliver assurance, consulting, deals and tax services catered to the unique needs of your business.


LNG exports are introducing increased flexibility into global energy marketing and trading. The number and type of market participants have increased dramatically as lower prices make imports more affordable.

Improving your access and performance across the LNG value chain

Whether you are narrowly focused within a vertical segment, have operations across the value chain, are established or are considering market entry, we help clients like you to understand the value drivers that shape and enable your strategy, and maintain effective alignment between your strategic, operational, and support functions within the organisation. We also identify opportunities to optimise performance and reduce risks, build the capabilities needed to adapt to / pursue new business opportunities, raise capital, and achieve compliance. We deepen your strategic insights in a value chain segment, a geography, and a service/product set and help you identify and nurture better local relationships and strategic partnerships.


Oil tower

LNG Diagram


Market analysis

The global transition to cleaner energy, coupled with the oversupply of fossil fuels, price volatility and cost pressures, means that private and public sector O&G players are rethinking their strategies. S& has advised clients across the value chain on ‘where to play’. We draw on our own and wider industry and market data, providing deep insight to our clients regarding strategic market context and their choices. We have local networks and insights based on our longstanding presence in resource-rich countries – e.g. in Mozambique. We truly understand how to do business in these countries.


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Strategic review

Many clients have benefited from our testing of their strategies against the impact of market shifts (e.g. energy mix, technological disruptions, climate change, trade patterns and demographics, new entrants, digital disruption, politics and changing regulation). We help clients understand gaps in their capabilities versus what’s required to win in this dynamic new market context. Our seasoned O&G strategists use our Capability-Driven Strategy approach, industry knowledge, data analytics, benchmarking and leading practice frameworks to determine ‘how to play’.


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Option development and modelling

S& has helped many clients assess their business and project portfolios in terms of strategic alignment, commercial returns, risks, and developmental benefits. We work closely with our Deals team to build business cases, feasibilities and financial models to support investment committee and funding applications. We have developed portfolio modelling and management tools to help our clients manage interdependency, portfolio balance and risk exposure, governance, cash flows and returns. 


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Strategy formulation

We have assisted many clients in the LNG value chain to develop corporate, business and operational-level strategies and performance improvement plans. These range in focus from market entry, green field establishments, acquisitions and integration, to disposals, cost reduction, operating model transformation, digital transformation and innovation and growth. We use our SMEs, BXT accelerator approach and facilities to help clients transcend the limitations of current thinking to reimagine the business of tomorrow. 



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Operating model design

We help clients design organisations that optimally use their resources and capabilities to achieve their strategic priorities, are focused on the customer, are agile and effective, are digitally fit, and are responsive to the SDGs. We help our clients build organisations that are Fit for the Future. We find that the volatile and disrupted energy and LNG market has exposed gaps in many of our clients’ current operating models. These outdated models need to be reinvented to prevent failure or redundancy. 



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Tax policy and strategy

Tax is an increasingly important consideration, and tax strategy is embedded in our strategic choices, market entry strategies, corporate and operating model designs – not added as an afterthought. Our S& team works seamlessly with our tax SMEs to consider and develop tax-efficient approaches and to design Tax Functions of the Future, which are able to deliver efficiencies and to ensure that the overall control environment is effective.


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