Access Governance as a Service (AGaaS)

Access governance as a topic has grown in importance due to a growing awareness of, and sensitivity to, the risks associated with poorly managed user and administrator accounts and privileges. All types of organisations, in many industry sectors, are discovering that they need much greater visibility into who can access their key resources and how.

We have formulated a cloudenabled managed service offering for Access Governance, enabling our clients to quickly gain and maintain visibility over user access risk.

Common Challenges Encountered

  • Privileges exceed access levels that were originally approved/provisioned
  • No single authoritative identity repository for employees/non-employees
  • Access review practices are manual and reviewers have insufficient context of user access needs
  • Time lines to revoke access are excessive
  • Access profile cloning occurs inappropriately
  • Role/rule-based access is used inconsistently
  • Segregation of duties are poorly enforced


AGaaS Benefits

  • A clear record of “who has access to what” in the business – for employees, contractors and 3rd parties
  • Continuous identification of dormant and orphaned accounts
  • Streamlined and managed access certification and re-certification
  • Prioritisation of areas of greatest access risk e.g. privilege creep or toxic role combinations
  • Evidence to demonstrate compliance and effective oversight in respect to data protection and access governance

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