Game of Threats™

Game of Threats™ simulates the experience that executives must go through in the midst of a cyber breach, from both the Company and Threat Actor perspectives, in a head-to-head digital game.

Our interactive cyber crisis workshop uses a head-to-head strategy game to challenge players to make quick, high impact decisions and assess their readiness to respond to a breach. PwC’s cybersecurity experts coach players through realistic cyber attack scenario to teach players about what they can do to better prepare, respond, and remediate an attack and familiarizes them with different types of threat actors and their preferred methodologies. Players walk away with a better understanding of the steps they need to take to better secure their companies.

Game of Threats™ simulation workflow diagram.

Server hardware inspected by cyber security specialist


Threat actor and company teams each have their own iPad controller. They see the impact of their decisions in real-time on a shared monitor.

Real-world challenges

Actions are designed around the concept of a shuffled deck of “virtual cards” displayed onscreen. Players can encounter different options every time they play.

Detailed summary

PwC moderators provide a detailed summary of each game, reviewing both team’s strategy, actions and missed opportunities.

Key takeaways for clients:

  • Identify Threat Actors targeting their company, and the attack strategies they use
    (How does a criminal attack differ from a hacker attack?)
  • Explore how secure their company is against these Threat Actors
    (What is their level of risk for a breach? How quickly would they detect a breach?)
  • Recognize the reputational, financial and regulatory impacts of cyber attacks and breach response.
    (Which technical response is the right one for the business environment?)
  • Understand the potential ramifications and remediation options after an attack
    (How quickly would they be able to respond to a breach?)
  • Understand what can be done to prevent an attack
    (How does having the right infrastructure and team in place impact the outcome of a breach?)
  • Learn key cybersecurity trends and terminology
    (What are the newest attacks occurring in my sector and how are other companies responding?)

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