SIEM technology promises event correlation, log centralization with consolidation, console reduction and finally the ability for less trained engineers to be a first step in the defense of a company’s high value targets.

The journey from installation to insight, when deploying a SIEM technology, is far from straightforward

While SIEM does this well when properly installed, maintained and staffed, this proves to be a task that consumes significant human resources, demands substantial care and tuning, and returns a great deal of data that offers little in the way of real, useable security intelligence, unless further contextualised against the backdrop of prevailing cyber-threats and the organisation’s sensitivity to such threats.

Our approach is a combination of cloud services for SIEM and Threat Intelligence, coupled to a centralised coordination, tuning, trend analysis, reporting and incident response and recovery capability.

Leveraging a Global cloud SIEM provider, PwC PLUS for:

  • Incident trend analysis
  • Root Cause Assessment
  • Incident Prioritisation
  • Service Governance
  • Skills augmentation
  • Focus and advice
  • Reporting
  • Effective Risk Management
  • Breach response coordination


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