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Data analytics

How can we help you?

Whatever your business issue or industry, we help you draw on core building blocks to capture and manage data, analyse it to release insight and drive value.


Smart companies are adopting new approaches to turning data insights into tangible results. From strategy to execution to results, PwC’s Business and Analytics team delivers ‘intelligence in the moment’, using different approaches that scale to meet the needs of our clients.


What might happen next?

We can help you anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively through:

  • combining past data patterns with industry and company knowledge, to more accurately anticipate the future
  • building an automated and embedded solution that updates as new data comes in and so constantly improves predictive outcomes
  • identifying and predicting very specific hidden activities – such as fraud and market manipulation – if these are considered potential risks.

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What is the right answer for your business?

We can help you discover the best solutions to your business challenges by:

  • evaluating insights and completing incremental analysis
  • reviewing aspects of your strategy or operations, the balance of risk and cost efficiency, or tactics at an individual customer level
  • identifying every opportunity to monetise and make the most of data as a strategic asset via the launch of innovative new business models

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Is insight being delivered to the right people at the right time?

We can help you empower the right people at the right time by:

  • understanding who needs access to data and insight
  • developing relevant visual outputs to help different users quickly interpret and take action on the insights they receive.

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How do you embed data analytics into your organisation?

We can help you embed data analytics into your organisation by:

  • designing the integrated set of capabilities you’ll need to be effective at data analytics
  • advising on how best to integrate data analytics systems into the broader organisational eco-system
  • providing managed outsourced services and supplying ongoing solutions – data hosting, analytics and business recommendations – to your organisation.

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What value exists in your data?

We can help you set your data and analytics priorities by:

  • evaluating the quality and potential business value of the data you currently use
  • supporting you with data collection, preparation and cleansing
  • assessing the potential of your data, for example around profiling, segmentation and benchmarking.

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Can you trust your data?

We can help you improve trust and confidence in your data, systems and processes through:

  • reviewing your data sources, data management, security and privacy practices
  • reviewing your business systems to ensure the right controls and monitoring practices are in place
  • re-performing your business processes to check the accuracy of information being reported.

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What happened and why?

We can help you discover hidden insight within your data through:

  • designing and delivering business information output with user- friendly interfaces to show what is happening in your business
  • combining data sets to reveal trends, patterns, triggers and causal relationships to begin to explain the important ‘why’ questions.

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Steve Killick

Partner: Enterprise Performance Management Solutions, PwC South Africa

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Eric Jenkins

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Sunita Pillay

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