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Digital Fitness For The World

We’ve made our Digital Fitness app available for everyone to share with family, friends and the broader community.

Our responsibility to one another begins at home, and extends to the communities where we live, work and play.

The future of technology holds promise for all of us.


Whether it’s self-aware robots, smart clothing, or an unhackable Quantum Internet, there are a lot of cutting-edge inventions out there. Additional benefits and topics:


  • Learn about the new privacy laws and how they impact you
  • Discover how innovation happens




Real-world ideas to help you and your family. Topics on how to manage stress and talk with your children about challenging subjects.

Be inspired while learning about what’s new in the new digital world. Additional benefits and topics:

  • Educational resources (k-12)
  • Preparing for the future of work
  • 7 virtual worlds that we're already exploring


Learn from industry leaders and experts about how business is changing and what you can do to stay ahead. 


Find out how direct-to-consumer brands are making e-commerce work and what companies need to do to earn trust. Additional benefits and topics:


  • Tools for working remotely
  • Emerging technology
  • Roles of the future




Technology and today’s realities have changed the way we teach and think about our learning spaces. 

Find out more about learning in the digital age. Additional benefits and topics:

  • Understanding new technologies and their impact on learning
  • Applying design thinking to problem solving


Download the PwC Digital Fitness app for free. Use the invite code “LRNALL” to get started.

Choose from over 60 digital trend categories.

Boost your knowledge in topics that help shape behaviors, mindsets, relationships and skills.

  • Enjoy personalized content
  • Choose a digital fitness plan
  • Improve your digital fitness score

Learn at your own pace in a way that suits your style. You can watch, listen, or read your way to digital fitness. Here are just a few of the 60 subject areas covered in the app.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Cool things to know


Design thinking

Digital terms you should know


Internet of Things (IoT)


Social Media

Video gaming

Virtual reality

Digital Fitness is already helping people.

I really enjoy looking at the content the app has for educators. I found an interesting article about using social media in the classroom. The article gave me the idea of starting a social media account for my students and their families. The memories I will be able to collect and share with my students and their families will be priceless.

Bhall7x 05/10/2019

If I’m not doing my job in upskilling and exposing myself to emerging technologies that are coming on the landscape, I’m almost impeding [my students] without even realizing it….When students are exposed to this kind of thinking….they have the agency and the courage to dream up the ideas that can actually fix the problems that we see today.

Zulema:) 05/16/2019

I used the DFA to become aware of technology terms and the art of the possible. It keeps my mind fresh to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve.

Kp5* 05/20/2019

Download the PwC Digital Fitness app for free. Use the invite code “LRNALL” to get started.

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