Corruption remains the single biggest issue facing today’s society

Bribery and corruption – often defined as abuses of power by people in positions of authority – are not new. In fact, they’ve been with us ever since humans began to organise into recognisable societies. And they’re certainly still going strong: it’s estimated that more than US$1 trillion is paid each year in bribes globally, and that US$2.6 trillion is lost to corruption. That’s 5% of global GDP – and the true figure is probably even higher.

Rising to the challenge

Given the profound harm that corruption inflicts on both citizens and societies, we believe that tackling it ranks as perhaps the biggest single challenge for all of us. Dealing with it demands action that goes way beyond developing a compliance programme and including a line item on a risk register.

Let us look at how the world including South Africa can rise to this challenge. It’s down to all of us to work together to make this happen.

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