Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019

Consumers planning to spend big

Some retailers are not particularly fond of Black Friday/Cyber Monday due to the pressures that the short-term event places on medium-term supply chain planning. Local consumers, in turn, go bonkers about the shopping event.       

For the first time, PwC South Africa is part of a growing Black Friday/Cyber Monday consumer survey run by the global PwC network over the past four years. PwC Research (our global centre of excellence for bespoke end-to-end research and insight) and UK-based strategic insight agency, Opinium Research conducted the survey amongst 1,000 South African adults between 26 September and 4 October 2019.  

Using our survey results, this report looks at Black Friday/Cyber Monday from several perspectives. The following five sections reviews this information: 

  1. Consumers plan on spending 36% more this year vs. 2018 
  2.  Durables goods the most popular product categories 
  3. Online purchases gaining strongly on in-store buying 
  4. Customer experience is everything – retailers need to get it right 
  5. Where are shoppers planning to find information on discounts and deals  

Some 85% of South Africans surveyed confirmed that they were intending to buy something or would consider it if there is a good enough deal. The most popular product categories during Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 will be durables like electrical equipment, technology goods, homewares, clothing, shoes and accessories.  


Woman shopping on Black Friday

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