Business resilience: Western Cape water crisis

What impact could the water crisis have on your business? The risk of water scarcity, with its associated impacts, has jumped to the top of many Western Cape businesses’ risk registers. Water scarcity does not only impact organisations that are reliant on large volumes of water for their core operations, such as agriculture, food processing and manufacturing businesses; it will also have a significant impact on corporate offices. A number of businesses are already putting preventative measures and crisis management plans in place to deal with the expected water disruptions.

How can your organisation become more resilient in a time of water scarcity? The key to becoming resilient in a time of water scarcity and climate change is for organisations to prepare a water scarcity management strategy. Such a strategy would typically be developed using a combination of risk management and business continuity management principles aimed at coping with the expected water crisis and ensuring continuity of operations.


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