Driving digital transformation through digital adoption

Many companies begin their digital transformation journey by empowering the workforce with a wide range of software applications. These applications, when used correctly, can skyrocket enterprises’ efforts to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance customer experience, and scale organisational growth. But the challenge is, organisations can only capture the value of these new technologies if employees learn how to use them properly.

System implementation projects do all the right things: good training strategies and great change management, but once go-live happens adoption tends to not be as optimal as hoped.  This leads to organisations not getting the return on investment they were aiming for, or worse, sitting with a white elephant.


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Many organisations acknowledge that integrating key digital technologies is critical in enabling the digital transformation. However, turning the priority into reality is grim because of astoundingly low user adoption rates. Here is a closer look at the challenges:

  • Lack of employee technical proficiency 
  • Increasingly complex software applications
  • Expensive to create and maintain training inventory
  • Difficult and expensive to train in geographically dispersed environments
  • Gap between training intervention and putting learning into practice is too long (learning and forgetting curve)


Digital adoption platform to the rescue

Digital adoption is a term used to describe the necessity and immediateness of understanding the intricacies of using a software application. Digital adoption allows employees to fully understand your company’s digital tools and assets, thereby maximizing the use of applications. 


Take the digital adoption journey with Whatfix

Whatfix is a leader in digital adoption solutions (recognised by Gartner) and can help organisations by empowering employees to get on board with any software application by allowing them to learn in the flow of work. Whatfix is:

Platform agnostic:

Whatfix seamlessly fits into the application stack of an organisation, allowing for rapid deployment on any single or multiple software applications at an enterprise scale. As a result, it delivers a seamless digital experience for end-users, empowering them to function at high levels of performance and productivity.


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Contextual and interactive:

Whatfix makes content engaging and valuable, by deeply personalising it for a user. Users can learn by doing while using the live application.


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Reduced cost of training:

Organisations have seen a major (60%) reduction in the training and content creation costs, and an increase of 35% in employee productivity.


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Whatfix can manage and control the disruptive technologies that are changing the workforce. To learn more about digital adoption and how you can achieve the full potential of your software applications, request a demo today.

About Whatfix

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that disrupts traditional application training, learning and support content by providing in-app user guidance and automation that’s contextual, interactive, and real-time. Whatfix provides users with a unified digital workflow and self-help experience across all web, desktop, and mobile applications, driving additional adoption and productivity gains.

Whatfix has a proven record of increasing employee productivity by 35%, reducing training time and costs by 60%, reducing employee case tickets by 50%, and increasing application data accuracy by 20%. Whatfix is based in San Jose, San Francisco, Bangalore, London, and Melbourne.


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