Future shape of financial services in Africa 2015

This 2015 edition of our annual Africa Financial Services Journal examines what the future of financial services might look like for Africa. We look at significant strategic, technical and operational issues and the roles these might play in changing the market landscape.

Globally, the outlook for financial services is solid. But the rise of disrupters in the market, especially from unexpected places, has provoked the need for financial services entities to rethink their strategies. It also means that innovation and technology have moved a few notches up on their agendas. This is particularly true for Africa where the market is less mature or saturated, giving rise to opportunities for new entrants to challenge the status quo.

In this issue:

  • A marketplace without boundaries
  • Opportunity beckons for prudent public debt financing
  • IFRS 9: Not just a new standard, but a new way to manage credit risk
  • Executive remuneration in financial services
  • Strategic cost management: A challenge for Nigerian financial institutions
  • Real estate: Building the future in Africa
  • Retirement funds: Change is the only constant
  • Francophone Africa: A new battlefield for the banking industry
  • FATCA in Africa
  • Financial services in Angola
  • Money laundering and regulation
  • Perspectives on private equity in Africa
  • Tax governance transcends tax debate
  • Cookies from criminals
  • Solvency II and SAM
  • Digital transformation in banking
  • Building capability in African banks – two areas of focus
  • Financial inclusion is a route out of poverty in Africa

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