Global mobility in Africa report

Welcome to the results of our first Global Mobility in Africa survey. As business interests across Africa increase so does the need to have the right people, in the right place at the right time. Africa offers unique challenges when relocating individuals and with this survey we sought to gain insight into how companies operating in Africa are managing these challenges.

The majority of companies surveyed suggest that the number of people they will send on international assignments is expected to increase. As reflected in PwC’s 17th Global CEO Survey 2014, one of the greatest concerns for these companies is the ability to attract and retain expatriates in the locations they require.

As more multinational companies expand across the African continent, competition for talent will intensify. Businesses need to be more aware of what their competitors are doing and offering, they need to be attuned to the satisfaction of their assignees and they need to be well informed about best practice in order to remain competitive in the 'war for talent'.

Other high-scoring concerns include the safety and security of employees and regulatory restrictions. Although the level of difficulty in dealing with these varies for each location, a carefully considered and well integrated global mobility programme will be able to minimise risks to both the individual and the company.

The importance of mobility to business growth has increased substantially in recent years. This, as well as our subsequent surveys, will provide some guidance and insight into how companies can better navigate the challenges of mobility in Africa.

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