Podcast series: Telco Talks

In our bi-monthly podcast series Dipthi Govind, Accounting Technical Manager (Host) and Renitha Dwarika, Partner at PwC, IFRS and Telecommunications Industry Specialist discuss key insights and perspectives covering topical accounting and business-related issues impacting the Telecommunications industry.

In this series we intend to break down some of the complexities impacting both executive and non-executive functions of a company in an effort to raise awareness of the accounting issues faced by the industry given the changing landscape of IFRS and megatrends (5 global shifts) which are reshaping the world we live in. 

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Episode 2 - IFRS 16: Unit of account


In this episode, we talk about unit of account considerations in terms of IFRS 16 and why this is important. This key consideration can impact conclusions reached when evaluating leases under IFRS 16 if incorrectly identified, and therefore the resulting accounting model.

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Episode 1 - IFRS 16: Long-term capacity


In this podcast, we talk about the different types of long-term capacity arrangements and consider whether these arrangements contain leases, from the perspective of the lessee under IFRS 16.

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