Leading organisational change in a digital world

A PwC perspective - Learning from our internal digital transformation journey

The 4th industrial revolution and the recent global pandemic are redefining the business environment, how we work, operate and engage people, clients and shareholders. Never before has there been such a need to formalise organisational change structures and processes to lead the business towards a desired future state. Staying competitive – surviving – is an economic imperative in an ever changing digital world. This goes well beyond project management for strategic initiatives. It demands and compels the end-to-end transformation of the entire business towards a future state.

To transform, the future state must be defined, unpacked, shaped and rebuilt by business leaders to garner support. This then needs to be broken into areas of transformation or quests to evolve, and priority projects approved, with results tracked and reported at executive level. 

It requires a coordinated programme of activities led by an empowered change leader who has the ability to connect and align all priority digital transformations towards the agreed future state. It demands a unique combination of skills ranging from deep technology, to strategy, change management, business process and a high EQ. This critical combination of skills ensures that the customer or client or citizen’s needs are placed at the heart of any change. 

Learning from our internal digital transformation journey, we’ve compiled a list of elements which have been of value and shaped our journey. 


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