Managing VAT in Africa - a mining perspective (Southern Africa)

On the African continent, the majority of Africa's 54 countries have introduced Value-added-tax (VAT) systems that are commonly used not just to address the fiscal deficit, but to attribute to the governance of companies. However, the multiplicity of VAT systems across Africa tend to expose multinational companies to tax risks through errors and inconsistencies in the application of the law with the compliance burden tending to be high for organisations.

This "Mining in Africa – a VAT perspective" publication seeks to ease the burden of monitoring VAT legislation specifically geared towards the mining industry. With our extensive Indirect Tax network in Africa, PwC can assist businesses involved in the mining industry, or those thinking of penetrating the market. We have aligned the summary of VAT compliance and specific transaction rules to the mining process as we see it, which specifies when certain rules may be applicable or of interest.

The chapters in this publication cover most of the Southern African countries namely, Botswana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

This publication is based on the law effective 1 January 2014, and outlines the VAT principles regarding VAT registrations, VAT compliance, input tax, output tax, international trade, and rehabilitation and deregistration. Specific advice on any VAT and indirect tax other issues can be obtained by our VAT and Indirect Tax specialists in the respective countries. The details of tax specialists can be found at the end of each country chapter respectively.

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