Africa Tax Survey

What our clients experience while doing business in Africa led to some very interesting results in our Tax in Africa survey. The most significant findings confirm that doing business on the African continent is still a fairly large challenge. In particular, areas such as obtaining certainty around the application of legislation and discussing/negotiating with the tax authorities remain challenging. Another interesting conclusion is that tax is still considered to be one of the primary constraints on doing business in Africa. This is a unique challenge, since business considerations should ideally be leading decision making, with tax matters following as a mere formality.

As a firm we understand these challenges and are geared to assist you through our Africa Tax network to achieve the growth that you are seeking.

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In this issue:

  • Countries posing the most difficult tax challenges
  • Countries presenting the most difficult business and regulatory challenges
  • Angola: More challenging than most
  • The realities of applying taxation and regulatory legislation
  • Threats to business growth
  • Tax risks
  • Tax strategy and tax planning
  • Location of holding companies
  • Total tax contribution
  • Base erosion and profit shifting
  • Beating BEPS – Good news for Africa?
  • Managing risks and internal controls
  • Working with tax advisors
  • Tax audits
  • The PwC Africa Desk

While we see interest in doing business in Africa growing, and with that foreign investment into the various countries, we see the need for guidance and best practice in terms of tax and regulation growing too.

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