2014 state of the internal audit profession study

In this year's study, we take a deep dive into alignment and performance issues to uncover the challenges and reveal the characteristics internal audit and stakeholders are demonstrating in high-performing organisations. This is the first year that Africa has participated to such an extent in the survey and surprisingly, the issues raised are very much the same as those observed in the rest of the world.

In this year's issue, we discuss:

  • The African context
  • Transforming internal audit by design
  • Crafting the blueprint for an aligned, value-enhancing internal audit function
  • Is it time to renovate? The case for change
  • Laying the groundwork for value: Expanding the expectation set
  • Creating the blueprint: Developing an aligned set of expectations
  • Preparing to build: Crafting the capabilities to deliver on expectations
  • Sharing the blueprint: Internal audit's communication strategy
  • What this means for your business
  • Actions to be taken

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