Unlocking South Africa’s hydrogen potential


All over the world, interest in hydrogen as a vector for clean energy is growing, as industries and governments investigate and implement national decarbonisation strategies. With the rapid growth in renewable electricity and falling costs of wind and solar power, the opportunity to produce zero carbon hydrogen has caught the attention of global energy players. With the world increasingly turning towards countries that have optimal renewable energy resources to provide the clean energy of the future, South Africa is in an extraordinary position to revolutionise its own economy and supply green hydrogen to the world.

Given its immense renewable energy potential, South Africa could become an exporter of cost-effective green hydrogen to the world. The infrastructure needed to export hydrogen is similar to existing natural gas networks and is already being piloted in Australia and Japan. South Africa could leverage its existing and new infrastructure to support this initiative.

By capitalising on its renewable energy wealth and investing in the production of green hydrogen, South Africa would open the door to developing whole new industries and become a major player in the production and export of hydrogen-based fuels, chemicals and products, creating countless jobs and earning the country much needed foreign currency.


Solar panels harvesting electricity
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James Mackay

James Mackay

Energy and Infrastructure Strategy Lead, Strategy& South Africa