What it looks like when it's fixed

A case study in developing a systemic model to transform a fragile social system

What it looks like when it's fixed

The more we study the major challenges of our time – such as poverty, crime, unemployment, health and the environment – the more we realise that conventional solutions are failing to create the impact they had in the past.

What it looks like when it's fixed provides a case study in the development of a different approach that offers new hope in tackling the most daunting challenges facing our society and institutions.

This work draws on the growing body of systems and design thinking knowledge to address the wicked social problems facing our society. What it looks like when it's fixed offers a new holistic way of understanding complex social systems, building stakeholder cohesion and designing solutions that will work in our era.

About the author

Dr Barbara Holtmann uses systems and design thinking to facilitate understanding and insight among key stakeholders dealing with fragile social systems across the world. She has worked in business, government and most recently at the CSIR. Barbara is Vice President of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime and serves on the boards of Women in Cities International and the Open Society Foundation for South Africa. She was the recipient of the Ann van Dyk Applied Research Award in 2010.

PwC’s commitment

Our clients, our staff and their families live and function within the current South African, African and global context. On the one hand we are stakeholders, on the other we are facilitators of change. We embrace the message and philosophy put forward in What it looks like when it's fixed and encourage you to explore this new approach as you consider the challenges facing your organisation and environment.

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