Where Next for Government in South Africa? An opportunity for change


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed issues with the Government of South Africa’s operating model that were already present before the crisis. They need to take on a new role to stay relevant in today’s world and to lead the country out of this crisis and onto a better path. Its role of controller and provider is no longer feasible in the modern world and certainly not in the economic reality we now find ourselves in. Instead, the Government can do so much more to become an enabler of growth across the board, encouraging active participation of the majority of its citizens. It can prepare the ground for broad-based business growth and empower its citizens with the tools required to participate in that growth.

In this report we first provide some background on where the economy was heading before the COVID-19 pandemic, and where it currently stands. We then present the implications for Government and highlight six key areas we believe should be focused on to achieve an urgently needed and sustainable turnaround.

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