Lean operations and supply chain management

Growth in emerging markets, uncertainty in traditional markets, demanding and informed customers, new competitive forces and increasingly complex tax and regulatory arrangements are factors that challenge today’s core operations and supply chains. For winning organisations there will be little place for slow, wasteful and inconsistent quality operations and supply chains.

Issues you may be facing

  • New market entrants are providing cheaper products and services.
  • Competitors have introduced new business and/or operating models which are disrupting your industry and markets.
  • Your core operations and supply chains are struggling to support your growth plans.
  • Your relationships with key suppliers and customers are neither strategic nor supporting your objectives, or are purely driven on lowest prices.
  • Your supplier and customer contracts are exposing your organisation to risks and legal actions or not delivering the best value.
  • You have inefficiencies or quality challenges in your core operations that are making you uncompetitive.
  • Your Supply Chain Management function is not compliant with the latest legislation.


How we can help you

  • We focus on rapid and sustainable cost reduction, quality and performance improvement across the end to end value chain of an enterprise.
  • We help our clients analyse, simplify and improve front, middle and back office operations.
  • We build your capability to deliver continuous improvement that delivers bottom line results and supports your growth strategy.



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