Risk and Regulatory

Many see Risk and Regulation as a problem, we see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to excel, grow and build trust.

The company that overcomes risk and adversity is the company that people remember. The organisation that understands how to protect itself is the one that customers will turn to. 

Today’s rapidly changing business and regulatory environment requires thinking about risk in new ways.  At PwC, we work with you to redefine the way risk and regulation is seen. Actively embracing change is a powerful way to enhance your reputation, secure long-term growth, sustainable profits and to deliver value to customers. 

With our help, you won’t just navigate around potential problems, you’ll also be positioned to get ahead.  Our strategy is to ensure that the identification of risk is an opportunity to prepare, respond and emerge stronger.  Together, we can develop and help you to implement transparent and compelling business strategies that customers, regulators, employees and stakeholders will buy into. By adding our skills, experience and expertise to yours, your business can stand out for the right reasons.


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How we can help you


In an evolving risk and regulatory landscape you require a robust and coherent response with effective supporting processes. We can advise and support you to assess, design and implement the processes, controls and systems to make your business more resilient in order to drive reliable and effective outcomes.

How we can help

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk and Compliance Function Effectiveness and Operating Model
  • Risk and Control Management Frameworks
  • Operational Resilience
  • Cyber Security
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Conduct and Culture
  • Combined Assurance

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Prioritising between strategic initiatives, regulatory compliance and managing current and evolving risks can be complex. We can assist you to navigate through this complexity and provide clarity on the path towards achieving each of these objectives in a sustainable manner.

How we can help

  • Regulatory Change Embedment
  • Transformation Confidence and Change Risk Management
  • Strategic Threat and Crisis Response
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Disputes and Claims
  • Regulatory Enforcement
  • Regulatory Licenses
  • Sustainability and Climate Change Risk

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Risk, control and compliance functions have at times struggled to demonstrate the value added to the business. With our support, tools and techniques you can develop the risk-aware insights required to support your key business decisions.

How we can help

  • Risk and Forensic Data, Technology and Analytics
  • Stress testing and Integrated Forecasting
  • Liquidity Event Simulations
  • Financial Resource Management and Capital Optimisation
  • Actuarial and Risk Modelling and Model Validation
  • Risk and Regulatory Reporting

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