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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not only making a difference in many industries; it’s transforming the way we work!

RPA is the use of smart software to efficiently carry out manual, repeatable and time consuming tasks that are normally performed by people.

RPA enables employees to focus more on tasks that genuinely require human cognitive abilities or intervention, resulting in cost reduction benefits to business. RPA thus executes processes that take up valuable resource time at a much lower cost, 24/7 and with zero errors.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA differs from traditional software by working at the user interface level, replicating the exact actions of a human user and in essence creating, a digital workforce. RPA is the efficient unison and design of business models, strategy, process, data, humans and robots.

The benefits of Robotic Process Automation

  • RPA has been identified  as part of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ because of the comprehensive benefits it has delivered in multiple industries and business functions. The technology costs approximately one-third of an outsourced employee  and around 10% of an onsite employee.
  • Process time is reduced by up to 90% - and error rates to almost nil. 
  • Risk and control management are strengthened and customer advocacy, revenue and retention improved.
  • Personnel are freed up to focus on more valuable activities such as data interpretation, decision making support, customer service and business development.
  • RPA software is a non-intrusive technology that doesn’t require an overhaul of your legacy systems and can be integrated into your current ERP and business applications with relative ease.


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How can PwC help?

PwC can assist across through all stages of the RPA journey, including:

  • Strategy: Ensuring that RPA is incorporated into your strategy and aligned to key elements, including operating model, IT, workforce and risk.
  • Opportunity assessment: Considering benefits beyond simple cost reduction and understanding how RPA can benefit customer experience, revenue growth, risk mitigation and operational agility.
  • Deployment: We bring a range of RPA-specific lessons, including:
    • governance models;
    • agile work practices;
    • integrating process, risk and customer experience into RPA design;
    • automation centre of excellence delivery; and
    • sustainability: extending our support to managed service options for RPA.



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