We’ll support you in becoming fit for future, from your overall business strategy to development of capabilities and technologies to create lasting results.

After 10 years of global expansion following the credit crisis, in an instant COVID-19 has set the world on a fundamentally different course and beyond anything we could have predicted. It's changing our views on nationalism, sustainability, stakeholder value, inclusion and the role of the state and regulators. Capital markets, industries, companies and the world of work have also been permanently disrupted, in ways we could not have imagined a few months ago. The new normal includes virtual working, changed customer behaviours, liquidity and cost pressures, an intense focus on health and safety, uncertain regulatory environments and shifts in established supply and demand patterns.

Most governments and businesses have mobilised their short to medium-term crisis response plans, but what’s next? Organisations must have a bias toward action. As a baseline, companies must strive to be Fit for Growth, by aligning costs with priorities and strategy, investing in differentiated capabilities, and using traditional and digital levers to execute. 

Rather than setting a single fixed course, they must continually engage in scenario planning, constructing and evaluating an array of options that offer a broader view of the landscape and possibilities for success. They must build the capacity to be agile - possessing the balance and capability that enable them to shift focus, priorities, and resources to meet changing circumstances. And they must evolve to become more resilient - able to withstand strong external forces, quickly recover from setbacks, and stay in a position to benefit from new opportunities (see ‘Building agility and resilience’).

Now is the time to rethink how to create value for changed customers, new ways of operating and creating competitive advantage, new partnerships and new markets and reestablishing innovation as a core capability. It's about finding opportunities to pivot to new products and services. This will require a different style of strategy, leadership and culture. It is also a critical time for organisations to define their purpose in society - driven by more than short term gain for shareholders.

Our Transformation team is standing by to help you and your leadership team reimagine a vibrant and prosperous future in the New Normal. We will work with you to innovate new services and solutions, ways of serving customers and creating value, building on your current capabilities to pivot to new sources of value and build the resilience and agility to thrive in an increasingly uncertain future.


How we can help

Fit for Growth

Strategy&, PwC’s global strategy consulting business, has developed the Fit for Growth approach, which helps companies build differentiating capabilities, manage costs in a more strategic way, and realign the organisation towards growth. We enable our clients to cut costs and grow stronger at the same time.

We’ve entered a period in time where uncertainty is the new norm, and business leaders and decision-makers are grappling with impacts of the economic shocks caused by the global health crisis, compounding the signs of recession in main markets, threats of global trade wars, and reduced consumption which were already in play before COVID-19. 

Our solutions assist companies to align their strategies with their capabilities, ensure the organisation structure is conducive to enabling workforce productivity to achieve the business strategy, and the business costs are reflective of the business strategy and operations for maximum efficiencies and revenue. The first priorities are clear: people and cash. Firstly ensuring employees and their families are safe, and have the support to work remotely for the foreseeable future whilst focusing on business continuity. As businesses stabilise around the first priorities, they need to look at how to emerge stronger. 

We support businesses to keep sight of strategic priorities and reflect on the aptness of their strategies in light of the new normal. A dynamic and probabilistic form of strategic decision-making is required in today’s uncertainty and changing environment, subject to frequent testing and tweaking, and able to quickly adjust to internal and external changes. We assist you in determining this strategy and developing the dynamic, agile strategic decision making mindset.

To find out more, visit Strategy& here.

Economic scenario planning and modelling

For several years until 2019, it was easy to predict low GDP growth in South Africa – it was a structural feature of the economy. For 2020, there is a broad consensus that South Africa will experience a significant economic recession due to the adverse impact of a global recession and domestic lockdown on local businesses and consumers. Most economists expect a bounce back to positive economic growth in 2021.

But what will the 2020 recession and 2021 recovery look like? What are the potential paths for changes in the labour market, industry activity and household income, for example? During a period of heightened uncertainty over South Africa’s short- to medium-term economic trajectory, how can business (big and small) make the right decisions to survive the current operating environment?

By looking ahead at where an economy or industry is going, we are able to provide our clients with the potential futures that their organisations face. Our experts identify and model/extrapolate the key trends today, to form a picture of what tomorrow(s) could look like. The future is not singular, and a detailed perspective is needed on multiple potential outcomes to make the right decisions.

Our services in this area include:

  • Economic and political scenario planning
  • Industry and macroeconomic modelling
  • IFRS 9 audit assist

To find out more, visit Economy here.

Digital Strategy

We are living in a time of unprecedented change driven by the intersection of multiple technologies making large strides forward - including mixed reality, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, drones and robotics. At the same time, customers' expectations are changing, demanding seamless, delightful and outcome driven experiences with all of the organisations that they engage with. Most disruption is driven by unhappy customers who ultimately decide whether to adopt or reject new services when companies focus on their changing and unfulfilled needs and wants.

The case for change has never been clearer. However, up to 70% of digital transformations across the world fail.  To be successful, companies must make digital investments wisely, ensure that they are purpose-driven, solve the right problems and are sufficiently ambitious,  and carefully manage change among their employees and partners.

At Strategy&, we set clear outcomes and specific performance metrics to help you reimagine the future of your business to drive results that improve bottom line results and your customer's outcomes. We provide strategic advice from the design phase onward, to help digital rollouts stay on or get ahead of plan and budget.

To find out more, visit Strategy& Digital here.

Exponential Growth

With the advent of COVID-19 the world has been fundamentally set on a different course and the future we had been predicting has shifted. Organisations must now look beyond the immediate short term planning and consider how to pivot into new areas where there will be future growth, look at new revenue streams and how they can ensure their business is set to recover, thrive and ultimately grow into this new future.  

In partnership with FutureWorld, our expert network of innovators, business strategists, and entrepreneurs can help you understand those forces that have shaped your business and the industry you play in.  Building on this analysis and based on your organisation's capabilities, external market conditions and megatrends, we assist you in identifying major growth domains (opportunity areas) and guardrails (no-go areas). This culminates in a robust co-created strategy, supported by detailed business cases and implementation plans, to build (or buy) a portfolio of new- and disruptive businesses.

To find out more, visit Exponential growth here.

Future of Industry

Twelve to eighteen months ago, not many people would have imagined the world would be where it is today. We’ve seen fundamental changes to the economy, the way we live and the way we work - things will never be the same again. The global health crisis has touched every aspect of the business environment and no sector or industry has been left unscathed.

At PwC we combine our local and global industry and sector experience with our foresights and insights drawn from our inhouse economics team to give businesses a view on the future of industries. We provide businesses with insights to their industries, so that they can be empowered to make the best business decisions with a degree of confidence and certainty.

Future government

Bold, practical strategy that works

In the face of new post Covid challenges, public sector organisations must refocus on what they do to maximise their impact on communities. Strategy& helps leaders of organisations ensure that they are invested in the right capabilities, are sustainably funded and have the means to deliver on their purpose. This is strategy, made real.

To find out more, visit Stategy& Public sector strategy consulting here.

Future of banking

Redefining your tomorrow by overcoming today's challenges

With new digital entrants, emerging technologies and ecosystems, how do banking players find their strategic advantage? 

As the only at-scale strategy business that’s part of a global professional services network, Strategy& supports our banking clients to repair, rethink, reconfigure and report on their future. This is strategy, made real. 

To find out more, visit Stategy& Financial services strategy consulting services here.

Future of insurance

The challenges faced by the insurance industry in the wake of Covid can be a catalyst for positive change and a stimulus for the sector to reshape. The way in which insurers delight customers, using technology to engage, will become critical.

At Strategy& we embed our strategy capabilities with teams across the PwC network to show clients how to get it right. 

To find out more, visit Stategy& Financial services strategy consulting services here.

Future of telecommunications and technology

Reaching farther than ever before

The arrival of 5G comes with new opportunities for the telecommunications industry. Monetisation will mean going beyond just simply charging consumers more for faster data.

At Strategy& we will design and build your future with you in a tangible way. We provide fresh perspectives to help our clients differentiate their businesses for sustainable growth.

To find out more, visit Stategy& Telecommunications strategy consulting services here.

Future of agriculture

Agriculture proved its resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic. Forward-thinking agri companies are already exploiting new technologies to create new offerings, combining the power of eight essential technologies - augmented reality, drones, virtual reality, 3D printing, IoT, robots, blockchain and AI. 

At Strategy& we work with our agri clients to explore the art of the possible, setting executable strategies

Future of retail

Big thinking needs tangible pragmatism

Emerging technologies and changing demographics continue to transform the consumer landscape.

At Strategy& we believe a consumer-centric approach is critical to building an effective strategy that works in the real-world, as we work with clients on automation and supply chain optimisation, revenue management  and service innovation.

To find out more, visit Stategy& Consumer markets strategy consulting services here.

Future of industrial manufacturing

The future of manufacturing starts today

With exposure on multiple levels of the supply chain, many industrial manufacturers are feeling pressure on their bottom line. 

At Strategy& we help our clients manage their portfolios, optimize operations with distinctive capabilities and reduce costs. In everything we do, we focus on maximizing growth through coherent operating models and smart partnerships.

To find out more, visit Stategy& Industrial strategy consulting services here.

Transformational Strategies / Capability- driven strategy

Many business leaders have in the past struggled with developing and executing strategies successfully. Industries and sectors across the board globally have been impacted by various disruptors over the last decade and experienced an exponential change of pace, and technological development. This need for fluidity, flexibility and agility has further placed strain on business leaders to be successful in strategy execution. As the world starts to emerge from the current global economic and social upheaval, organisations need now, more than ever, to reassess their business and look for opportunities presented to them to add value where others can't.

PwC Strategy& works with businesses to:

  • Help businesses truly understand their core capabilities and identity. Successful businesses have coherent strategies that align the external market positioning and product/service portfolio to the capabilities system.
  • Work with leaders to reframe their questioning from “where should we be going?” to “Who are we? What are we good at and how do we create value that others can’t?”
  • Once defined, we support with the development of the best fit strategy to support the growth of the company:
    • defining a new way to play, 
    •  identifying the required capabilities to succeed, 
    • assessing the current capabilities and 
    • identifying strategic options to build a coherent business around the defined capabilities system.

To find out more, visit Stategy& Capabilities driven strategy here.





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