Safety, health and environment risk

Taking charge of the health and safety within our enviroment

As a society - business, government, and individuals - we all impact the environment in which we live and operate and the people around us. Often these impacts are negative, specifically in the areas that traditionally fall under the safety, health and environment banner, ie:

  • Occupational health and safety, in your day to day activities at work
  • Health and safety of the public around your day to day activities
  • Environmental health - deterioration in the environment that impacts people's health
  • Employee wellness
  • Destruction, use and pollution of natural resources
  • Health and safety aspects in product use and disposal

To manage these impacts governments create an ever increasing array of legislation and regulations to protect employees, natural resources and the public. Additionally, NGO’s and activist groups monitor and “expose” organizations that do not adhere to these rules and often expect even higher standards.

Compliance to this laws should be seen as obligatory. But better performance, better risk management, better efficiency is a must. Failure to do so will not only result in fines and penalties, but may lead to various stakeholder – for example, investors, customers, employees – reassessing their relationship with an organization.

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