Strategic Sustainability

Adjusting your business models to be fit for today's challenges

The world is changing. Are the business models of the past fit for the challenges of today? Will they generate the ‘good growth’ that governments and society as a whole are increasingly demanding? In this new business context, it is time to revisit the breadth of information used to make decisions and to judge long-term success.

The Strategic Sustainability approach thus offers insight into total impact, across identified value creation focus areas. The process assists to quantify, evaluate and then communicate the effects of an organisation’s activities and decisions.

This is a decision making model driven by an organisation's social, environmental, tax and economic impacts. In part, it’s about helping companies recognise their overall contribution, to understand the balance between the positive and negative impacts generated across their infrastructure and supply chains. But, the real emphasis is what happens with that information. How it fits into the decision making process to shape the direction of future expansion, acquisition, growth, product development etc., and how corporate strategy and risk management can be modified to create a positive impact for all, including shareholders.

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