Sustainable Development Goals


The Global Goals are complex; and so is your business. “Where to start?” is a question we hear a lot. But pressure to engage will only increase over time – pressure from your customers, your buyers, and the governments of the countries you operate within. All will want you to evidence how you help or hinder the achievement of the Global Goals, and hear what you’re doing about them.

So the Global Goals Commonwealth Sustainable Business Challenge could be the catalyst you’re looking for. Your business’ impact on the Global Goals could shape its long-term strategy, support your dialogue with your stakeholders, and help to maintain or secure your licence to operate. They are also a new framework to identify opportunities in new markets or create a demand for new or alternative products, and to expose risks too.

But, when your strategy is so important to the achievement of the Global Goals, what is your Board thinking about them? A robust Board discussion on Global Goals is the first step to defining strategy and making change happen.


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