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You’re global. You’re mobile. And you thrive on disruption. And as market shifts create new opportunities worldwide, your office is everywhere. To meet your needs, you need technology as mobile as you are.

We are excited to share the PwC myMobility experience - convenient real-time updates on all of the global mobility tax and immigration work that PwC is performing anytime, anywhere.

Cost reduction and tax planning

PwC approaches tax planning with a holistic perspective. We do not simply provide individual tax planning for expatriates, but we consider corporate tax, payroll, accounting, risk management, and administrative effort. Based on our experience, most clients are interested not only in savings, but more importantly in maintaining your corporate reputation. As such, the tax planning we recommend always factors our client’s desire to be globally compliant.

PwC identifies opportunities to add value from the first day we work with a client, including:

Reviewing your tax filing positions, equalisation policies, payroll reporting and withholding practices, handling of equity-based compensation, and inter-company charges relating to expatriate compensation to identify opportunities to reduce costs and manage risks.

Examining whether your processes are aligned with peers and other well-run organisations, identifying opportunities for cost synergies.

Benchmarking your assignment and tax equalisation policies against competitors.

Global mobility effectiveness

The success of international assignment programme administration is dependent on its processes. Without well-defined processes, programme administration is ineffective. We work with our clients to evaluate their processes from beginning to end, making sure they have well-defined steps, established activity ownership, and clearly established hand-offs.

Our Global Mobility Consulting practice specialises in all areas of global mobility planning, including programme and process reviews. They help ensure that your programme meets corporate goals and satisfies your customers: the business and your expatriates.

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