Consulting solutions

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The problem

We aim to assist our clients to align their reward strategies and practices with changing market needs. 

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Our solution

We achieve our strategies through our comprehensive database on remuneration, benefits and incentive practices, and by a combination of skilled in-house and associate consultants.


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The difference

We offer a wide range of consulting solutions; from the development of appropriate total reward strategies, to job evaluation and remuneration analysis and benchmarking.

Some of our Consulting solutions

  • Utilising the REMchannel® remuneration benchmarking survey data we provide:
    • Market benchmarking for multinationals investing in SA and local companies with less than 50 employees 
    • Market positioning analysis 
    • Annual salary review
    • Pay scale development
  • Job evaluation support using REMeasure®,  workshops offered to assist you with this
  • Job Profiling support using REMprofile®, workshops offered to assist you with this
  • Reward philosophy and strategy design*
  • STI/LTI review and/or design *

* In collaboration with the PwC Reward team


REMchannel® remuneration benchmarking consulting solutions

Job profiles

  • Are roles and responsibilities clarified and documented?
  • Basis for employment cycle process
    • Job evaluation 
    • Recruitment criteria
    • Pay practice
    • Performance management

Job evaluation

  • What is in a grade?
  • Will the pay of a job automatically increase when it is evaluated?
  • When someone’s workload increases, does it mean that their grade will increase when the job is re-evaluated?
  • Provides logical and fair structure for pay and benefits
  • Assists with external benchmarking
  • Simplifies pay review process
  • Enables skills to be priced in market

Benchmarking / Market positioning analysis

  • How do you know what to pay for a specific position?
  • What source do you use to make an offer to a candidate?
  • Internal equity is just as important as external equity.
  • Which market to benchmark against?
  • Are there different rates of pay for different geographical areas?
  • Are you comparing jobs of similar nature and complexity (like with like)? 

Annual salary review

  • Should employees doing the same work be paid the same?
  • How can I differentiate between good and excellent performers?
  • Should we compare to the market midpoint or the 75th percentile?
  • How do I manage pay within the challenging economic climate and stay competitive?
  • Affordability vs increases in the market


Reward philosophy

  • What does your organisation offer that makes it different from other organisations?
  • Is your employee value proposition aligned with what your employees want?
  • Do you have a defined reward strategy?

Pay scale design

  • Are your pay scales designed based on market best practice?
  • How do you manage anomalies in your pay scales?

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