Job profiling

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The problem

Equal pay for equal work has highlighted the urgency and responsibility that organisations have in ensuring that their job profiles / descriptions are relevant, accurate and current.  Not having an accurate job profile could mean the difference in recruiting the right talent and defending equal pay for equal work in your organisation.



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Our solution

REMprofile® is a cutting edge internet-based job profiling system that provides a leading approach to job analysis and job profiling. Effective profiles aid in making informed choices when developing talent and in constructing fair and internally-consistent performance management processes.  Furthermore, a sound profiling approach assists in establishing transparent and fair reward philosophies, therefore defending your pay practices.



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The difference

REMprofile® has a database of more than 1800 carefully curated job profiles available to meet your every job profile need.  Utilising an automated ‘search and suggest’ feature, REMprofile® returns the most appropriate job content template to suit the job being profiled. It also allows you to customise, edit, review and sign-off your profile report in real-time. The system provides detailed information that can easily be adapted to suit the organisational hierarchy of any company, large or small.

What we mean by job profiling

Job profiling is an analysis process of identifying the content of a job including the attributes or job requirements needed to perform the work function. Job analysis is key to any job architecture process of the organisation, if the foundation is not solid, there is a risk for all other processes in the human resources value chain.

REMprofile adheres to job profiling principles and /or methodologies due to the REMprofile design and structure.

As part of the PwC Research Services bouquet of services, we are able to offer world-class job profiling expertise, via a consulting approach or by utilising REMprofile®.

This service aids in providing a solid approach to profiling your organisations' roles, ensuring that your organisation is positioned on a competitive level, in order to attract and retain your critical talent successfully.

This facilitates a consistent and defendable approach to job analysis, providing the basis for effective talent and performance management.

About REMprofile®

REMprofile® is an internet-based tool that provides clients with a searchable database of information to compile job descriptions particular to their own organisational structure.

Job matching is easily facilitated within the tool to assist in finding the most suitable matches.

Easily access your job profiles online – create, review, edit and publish job profiles from anywhere.

REMprofile® participants are conveniently able to extract reports for management level approval.

Maintain consistency and standardisation of your job profiles / descriptions.

A profiling system that helps you establish and maintain a well-founded profile methodology that delivers on your organisational objectives.



REMprofile® addresses critical aspects around job profiling. Utilizing the suggested template selected, the profiling experience allows the profiler to customise and create new information that suits your organisations requirements.

Job profiles are at the foundation of talent and performance management - providing the information needed to assess individual skill levels of employees - or even job candidates and going so far as to identify critical skill gaps.

Job profiles also drive high quality group training needs analysis, career development programs, recruitment and selection, succession planning, and performance planning and review.  It is also an excellent mechanism for defining future talent needs and proactively developing the workforce.


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