Salary benchmarking

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The problem

Organisations are constantly having to manage a tight balancing act of providing market related remuneration for their employees whilst effectively managing the budget on payroll lift.  Having accurate information at the right time to fairly remunerate your employees is crucial to the success of your business.


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Our solution

REMchannel® is an extensive and detailed internet-based remuneration survey, customised for the complexities of various remuneration practices. Participants receive access to job, grade, general, industry and top executive survey information.

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The difference

The REMchannel® uncompromised data collection process, job matching methodology, stringent validation phases and ongoing service and support enables us to deliver high-quality survey results. This provides our participants with a real return on their investment.

What we mean by Salary benchmarking

Salary benchmarking allows companies to make comparisons of the salary data collected through our vigorous data collection methods.

As part of our bouquet of services, we are able to offer survey data reflecting current pay trends, providing a verified view to enable your organisation to confidently proceed, knowing that the data is accurate and rigorously checked for accuracy.

To facilitate this service, we use a tool called REMchannel®, which allows for data collection and processing. Industry data within your field is able then to be extracted in easy-to-use reports.

Why REMchannel® for your business:

REMchannel® offers a unique value proposition in that it encompasses more than one survey, for one survey fee and one data submission.

  • Internet based electronic business tool, customised for the complexities of remuneration practices
  • Proven its value by becoming the right-hand tool for many discerning reward practitioners
  • Top-level internet security employed to protect the confidentiality of the data


REMchannel® South Africa

More than 520 participating companies. 85% of the top 100 companies.

More than 900 000 validated points.

In excess of 18 700 validated executive data points.

REMchannel® South Africa

Unique features

  • Stringent validation of data
  • Job matching assistance
  • Geographic analysis
  • Race analysis
  • Gender analysis
  • Age analysis
  • Internal and external equity measure
  • Detailed benefit quantum analysis
  • Selection of own package component analysis
  • Selection of percentile comparison
  • Automatic age correction of data
  • Interactive web based selection ("what if" scenarios)
  • Real-time database

Reports can be copied and exported into Microsoft Office packages for presentation to remuneration committee.



  • Real time - a live database, capable of constant updating
  • Choice - supreme flexibility in defining comparator market
  • Friendly - absolute ease of data submission and retrieval
  • Access - instantaneous, fingertip driven, generation of reports for informed remuneration decisions
  • Freedom - freeing up HR time to pursue strategy and not drudgery

Value - one data submission once per annum provides access to multiple surveys

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