Precision Tax™

Precision Tax™ for customs

Our Precision Tax™ technological solution aims to give you full visibility of your business’ export and import transactions.

In our experience, technology, if it is properly defined and used by the business, can improve the overall management of your risk and also enhance your corporate governance processes.

Precision Tax™ is a software solution, hosted in PwC’s secure cloud environment, which enables clients to quickly and effectively review their imports and exports.

Benefits of Precision Tax™

  • Dynamic and interactive dashboards.
  • Designed for the best user experience using our considerable knowledge in the Customs arena.
  • Designed with the end-user in mind to display valuable information in a quick and easy format.
  • Putting you in a position to quickly review your import and export transactions for possible risk and non-compliance.
  • Functionality that assists in the monitoring of duty and VAT paid by the clearing agents on your behalf.


Fees are charged monthly and are negotiated upfront based on the number of users, the number of transactions and the number of export/import numbers required.


Examples screenshots of Precision Tax™

Analysis of imports by purpose code​

Example screenshot of analysis of imports by purpose code​.

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Analysis of imports by clearing agent

Example screenshot  of analysis of imports by clearing agent.

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​Advanced filtering

Example of filtering by country of origin.​

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Analysis of exports by tariff code

Example screenshot of analysis of exports by tariff code.

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