Tax governance

Companies find themselves operating in an ever-changing tax environment. There is increasing pressure on companies to be more transparent about their tax affairs. Tax should be on the agenda of the board, and the tax control environment of the business should be managed in order to minimise risk. Our team offers various tax risk services to help you manage this risk.

Issues you may be facing

  • Your internal audit function follows outdated routines and practices.
  • Your internal audit function is slow to respond to changes in your business.
  • The current structure of your internal audit function is not appropriate to meet your requirements.
  • Your internal audit function is under capacity.
  • Little or no reliance is placed on internal audit findings and initiatives.
  • You internal audit function is not seen as independent and objective.

How we can help you

We work collaboratively with you to provide internal audit services ranging from full outsourcing to co-sourcing and project-by-project assistance. We offer enterprise-wide risk management systems and services that provide assurance in improving your business operations.

We work with your audit committee and business managers to review your internal audit function against IIA standards, rules and recommendations and, most importantly, we use our experienced internal audit staff to help you develop a world-class approach to internal audit, involving techniques and tools that meet the needs of your organisation.

Our approach

There are different areas within the business. Our tax risk assurance team are able to combine specialist knowledge from the different areas of tax, operations consulting and risk assurance.

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