Africa agribusiness insights survey 2017/2018

Managing growth

The first in a series of thought leadership articles that provides insights into the opportunities and challenges for agribusinesses in Africa through the eyes of their CEO's.


As the global population grows and a shortage of food becomes a reality, Africa is well positioned to become the breadbasket of the world. Agribusinesses in Africa already playing a pivotal role in driving the economy of the continent and this role is expected to increase exponentially in the future as food security becomes more and more important.

When doing business in the agri space in Africa, it is important to fully understand the boundaries of the playing field, the external factors that have an impact thereon and the ever-changing rules of the game in order not only to survive, but thrive and be leaders in the field.

We’re proud to present this first article in a series that will be focusing on agribusinesses operating in Africa. In previous years the findings of our surveys were presented in one publication. This year the content has been broken down into bite-sized chunks and presented as a number of short articles, each focusing on a specific theme. This article will look at how agribusinesses manage growth.

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