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We get you want someone with you for the journey. Across the country, we work with private companies to help them solve important problems and achieve their growth potential. We are your PwC.

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At PwC’s Private company services (PCS), we understand that as a private company, your needs and requirements are different from those of public entities – audit requirements, stakeholders and ownership structures are just a few of those differences.

As a result, we have developed PCS, a national practice designed to cater for your company’s specific needs.


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At PwC, in all that we do we are guided by a specific set of behaviours.
This is also the approach we follow in Private Company Services: 

A significant number of our clients are private companies and their owners, and our appreciation of this market segment has - over the years – resulted in the development of experienced professionals (Trusted Business Advisors or TBAs) who understand the specific challenges private companies face in their quest to sustain profitability and growth.


Your TBA acts as a gateway to all the knowledge and expertise of our entire organisation, combined with comprehensive knowledge of local markets and industries. To ensure that we clearly understand the issues relating to private companies and their owners, we conduct regular research in this market and share our findings with you in our quest to ensure your long-term success.


Since your TBA is your central point of contact with our organisation, we ensure that he or she is adequately trained across all our lines of service and participates in our action learning groups; where we share our client experiences and learn from each other.


Trust and excellence are the foundations of our relationships. We foster these relationships by engaging our clients in conversation around the issues, risks and opportunities of the day, in order to ensure that your business continues on the road to sustainable profitability and growth. We also extend advice on personal finances, taxation, succession, estate and retirement planning, and so forth. By spending time with our clients “at the coalface”, we ensure that we have a clear understanding of your business needs through every stage of the business life cycle.


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Africa PCS Leader, PwC South Africa

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