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Our Retail and Consumer group specialists deliver ideas and solutions embedded with deep industry knowledge to our retail & consumer clients.

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Within PwC South Africa retail and consumer group, our understanding of key industry issues is at the heart of our delivery of services to clients. Many of these issues drive our programme of publications and thought leadership materials. In this section we share some of our understanding and knowledge of the business issues of the day.

In this section we share some of our understanding and knowledge of the business issues. To find out more about these topics, contact your PwC specialist.

  • Global Sourcing & Collaboration between manufacturers and retailers will lead to success (i.e. sharing information, sharing ideas, combined marketing effort)
  • Supply chain integrity & management issues - Supply chain efficiencies is the only real competitive advantage
  • Future of SA Retailing – how to survive (Interest rates, electricity supply, downturn in the economy, skills shortage & retention)
  • The ethical consumer – understanding the consumer and their sustainability and ethical considerations
  • Gaining market share and revenue growth (e.g. Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion into Africa and other emerging markets, private equity investment, emerging middle class, continued innovation, changing retail formats, internet sales channel, etc.)
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Anton  Hugo

Anton Hugo

Retail Leader, PwC South Africa

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Suleman Jhavary

Suleman Jhavary

Consumer Leader, PwC South Africa

Tel: +27 (0) 31 271 2025

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