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Environmental, Social and Governance

We’re at a turning point. Financial factors are no longer viewed as the pre-eminent drivers of value, and sustainability has become strategic - a board and CEO level issue. To succeed, business has to respond to important issues facing the world today. Companies need to demonstrate how they create value - for shareholders and for society - through insightful, balanced and trusted performance and disclosure.  

We see the urgency to act now:

  • The long- and medium-term resilience of business models and ability to create lasting value will depend on redesigning and integrating ESG matters into corporate culture, strategy and practice.
  • Finance, access to capital and insurance cover at reasonable rates will also depend on clear, positive ESG impact.
  • Investors and other stakeholders increasingly require ESG information: a convincing ESG strategy and appropriate performance.
  • Companies will need to deliver on their value creation ambitions or face reputational damage.


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Issues you may be facing

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  • Pressure on governance in action, to ensure your organisation is able to create a resilient culture and maintain trust.
  • Increasing questions from key stakeholders about your organisation’s impact and purpose.
  • Management of fragile and/or scarce environmental resources from which to create value and run your business.
  • Stronger links between societal impact and you organisation’s ability to win customers, recruit talent and maintain reputation.
  • Embedding of emerging and different types of risks and opportunities, beyond those traditional or well understood, into decision making.


How we can help you

We’re well in tune with understanding the relationship between business decisions and stakeholder impacts and we’ve invested in enhanced service delivery capabilities for environmental and social risks, impacts, compliance and performance services.

Our sustainability experts help to define sustainability strategy; advise on policy; operational change; risk management; reporting; monitoring and assuring progress – all through a sustainability lens. We help to integrate ESG issues into operations and embrace the challenges of today's business environment as opportunities for long-term and sustainable growth.  

Climate change

Changes to our climate will have consequences for water supplies, infrastructure, agriculture, business operations, social services, healthcare, human lives and many other areas vital to economic and social development. Both the public and private sectors need to accelerate their climate risk mitigation and adaptation efforts.

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Responsible investment

Investors increasingly recognise that companies with a strong response to climate change and other sustainability issues can better withstand adverse market conditions and outperform less resilient peers. Many investors are working to integrate environmental, social and governance-related insights into traditional investment approaches.

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Sustainable finance

Traditional and innovative new funding sources are increasingly prioritising organisations and projects that focus on climate and social considerations. This is a key driver in financing and realising the transformation to a sustainable economy. Opportunities exist for business and governments to deploy and capture those resources to make a positive impact.

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Safety, health and environment

Business, government, and individuals impact the environment and society in which we live and operate. Often these impacts are negative, specifically in the areas that fall under the safety, health and environment banner. There is an ever increasing array of legislation and regulations to protect employees, natural resources and the public. Additionally, NGOs and activist groups monitor and ‘expose’ organisations that don’t adhere to these rules and often expect even higher standards. Compliance is the starting point, but better performance, better risk management, better efficiency is a must.

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Sustainable value chains

Regulators, customers and investors are exerting growing pressure on businesses to manage their value chains in a sustainable way, addressing issues around resource use, waste and social impacts.

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