PwC Digital Procurement Survey 2022

4th edition: Sub-Saharan Africa adaptation


Conducted with over 800 Purchasing and Supply professionals across Sub-Saharan Africa and 60 countries worldwide, the PwC’s digital procurement survey is dedicated to the digital transformation of Procurement. This global barometer reflects the current and future state of digital procurement: investments, digital roadmaps, key success factors for digital transformation, PwC best practices, and much more!

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Survey insights comparing Sub-Saharan Africa and Global benchmarks

Strategic priorities of Procurement departments graph

Procurement functions across Sub-Saharan Africa are below global benchmarks in Digital transformation (8% vs 18%) and Risk & crisis management (6% vs 11%), rather choosing to focus on controlling costs (42% vs 37%) and sourcing efficiently (25% vs 17%).

There is a willingness amongst Sub-Saharan African procurement departments to invest in a digitally fit procurement function by 2025 (Small companies: €360k vs €580k and Large companies: €1.59m vs €1.75m)

Investments in procurement digital transformation by 2025 (yearly) infographic

Procurement digitalization status infographic

Currently, Sub-Saharan is slightly behind on procurement digitalisation (69% vs 77%), but is willing to make the necessary investments to ensure their procurement function is digitally fit by 2025 (73% vs 69% and 74% and 76% targets)

Capability Focus 

The gaps and strengths of a digital procurement function have to be considered before deciding on a route to digital transformation and upskilling. This can be done through a procurement diagnostic that analyses a procurement function’s maturity within the procurement operating model framework, touching the three dimensions of procurement excellence – Strategy, Process, and Infrastructure.


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