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Transformation that works

We understand you want a transformation partner to go the whole distance — to deliver transformation that works from day one and continues to work long after we’ve gone. Priming you to take on the demands of today and preparing you for the challenges of tomorrow. From realigning your strategy and reimagining the power of your people, to recalibrating your capabilities. This is change accelerated in the cloud so you can perform as you transform. Unlocking new opportunities to create sustained outcomes for your people, your customers and your communities.


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Issues you may be facing

To successfully transform, you need to integrate four cornerstones that are essential to achieving business outcomes. But having a strategic vision for where you’re going next can be a challenge: just saying ‘transformation’ doesn’t make it happen. And making an investment doesn’t mean you’ll automatically capture its full value.

Your transformation efforts might face these challenges:

  • Refining your business operating model to make your transformation strategy effective.
  • Connecting your workforce with your transformation objectives.
  • Developing a forward-looking approach to prepare your business for the evolving future landscape.
  • Ensuring your transformation efforts align with your long-term goals and objectives.
  • Making sure your technology solutions will enable your Business Transformation and give you a competitive advantage.


How we can add value

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We help you shape a clear value strategy. Having a clear and coherent plan, understanding what sets you apart in partnerships and making sure everything you do contributes to your overall strategy.

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We help you become fit for growth. Making your daily operations effective, emphasising your strengths, organising your company effectively and keeping your costs competitive and flexible to support growth.

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We help you engage your people to accelerate. Having a people strategy that aligns with your organisation’s goals, investing in your employees’ skills and emphasising the behaviours that shape your company’s culture to drive acceleration and success.

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We help you integrate technology for advantage. Aligning your technology with your business objectives, using technology to gain a competitive edge, and making the most of partnerships and collaborations to boost your advantage.

Our Transformation offerings

Digital Transformation

Technology is an important enabler of Business Transformation. We help you to get value from technology investments through digital consulting services that focus on your business transforming into a digital and social enterprise.

Learn more: 

Functional Transformation

Businesses in every field must adapt to succeed in the future. We bring a cross-functional approach to help your company become more resilient, save money and invest in the skills, structure and operations required for growth.

Learn more:

Organisational Strategy Transformation

Learn how to embrace change management and energise your company’s culture by focusing on what really matters in the digital age. We help organisations attract the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time and cost.

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Business Strategy Transformation

We bring the knowledge, technology and scale to think and deliver big on your company’s greatest strengths. See how our strategic planning solutions can improve your company’s performance and reignite growth.

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Create a future ready workforce

Our clients’ success is our top priority, and business model reinvention is at the core of our strategy. We set ourselves apart by harnessing unique innovation capabilities, assets and accelerators, making us the preferred transformation partner in the market.

At our core, we are not just driving transformation; we are fostering a culture of innovation, building a sustainable future and propelling our clients towards long-term success.

We build tailored people and organisation solutions to help you develop a workforce that’s ready for the future and aligned with your strategy. Our approach is based on data analysis and insights, and it’s tailored to your specific needs.

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Value Creation

Our Value Creation team helps you create value for your business by looking at the big picture and planning for the long term. Driven by data, we build strategic scenarios for your value chain. Whether you’re targeting an acquisition, considering a divestiture or looking to improve your enterprise performance, a value creation mindset goes beyond the expected to reveal untapped sources of growth.

Learn more about Value Creation here.

Our Fit for Growth approach

Our Fit for Growth approach is a proven model for unlocking performance that can help you manage costs more strategically. This allows you to reduce expenses and grow stronger at the same time.

Learn more about Fit for Growth here.

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Our latest thinking — Beyond Digital

If your organisation is busier than ever digitising, you’re not alone.

The old playbook — in which companies launch repeated digital initiatives to keep pace with technology innovation — is no longer the way to differentiate.

To achieve meaningful transformation in today’s new context, success relies on addressing the new competitive dynamics. This means that companies must build differentiating capabilities that enable them to deliver value in a unique way, work with digitally-enabled ecosystems and tackle some of the world’s massive problems.

Learn what steps leaders can take to structure and execute such transformations.

How we can help: Strategy&’s Transformation Maturity Profiler

As part of the PwC network, Strategy& helps clients solve their issues from strategy through to execution. We do that by combining our strategy consulting expertise with the vast capabilities of the network, to help you move your business forward with confidence.

How well prepared is your organisation to transform and succeed in the beyond digital age? Strategy&’s Transformation Maturity Profiler interactive survey tool can help leaders identify the maturity of their organisation’s transformation efforts, as well as their performance against the seven imperatives of successful transformation identified in our latest book, Beyond Digital.

Take the Transformation Maturity Profiler


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Transformation success stories

We’re proud to help leaders at organisations around the world, creating value from ideas to results. To get a sense of the impact we’re making in local communities around the world, take a look at some of our recent successes.

Machin automation.

Transforming GlaxoSmithKline’s HR service with Workday

GSK evaluates and redesigns their HR structure, streamlining processes through standardisation and automation.

Farmer in a field.

Agtegra: Evolving finance operations to reinforce trust with users

Agtegra modernised its finance and operations functions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to identify key business opportunities for supply chain operations.

Woman working.

How John Muir Health turned a technology refresh into an opportunity for organisational change

PwC helped John Muir Health transform its business with our Provider Transformation Integrated Solution enabled by Workday.

Woman dicussing transfomation.

Global governance transformed

As one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies, bp has subsidiaries in over 80 countries. Learn how PwC supported bp’s governance function.

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